Environmental responsibility

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Alice Jarry "Dust Agitator" by Bruno Destombes

For the past ten years, MUTEK has been taking action to reduce its environmental impact.
Now, in 2020, we have decided to join the movement of environmentally sustainable events. To this end, we have chosen to make a public commitment to our future as an environmentally sustainable festival.
Despite the circumstances of recent months and this year’s hybrid festival format, it remains crucial that we act consciously and responsibly.

What are our policies?

1. Commit to action by publishing our environmental policy.
2. Eliminate the use of disposable plastics.
3. Provide free water.
4. Reduce waste.
5. Further increase recycling and composting.
6. Offset our carbon footprint.
7. Support the circular economy by partnering with other responsible organizations.
8. Use digital technologies in place of paper and print-outs.

In 2019, MUTEK stopped all distribution of disposable plastic to festival-goers.
- Disposable plastic cups were replaced with Ecocups.
- Free water stations were set up around the festival venues, backstage, and outdoor sites.
- Artists and speakers were provided with reusable water bottles.

Each year, MUTEK takes steps to reduce the amount of waste produced during the festival.
- Catering at our PR events uses reusable, recyclable, or compostable plates.
- Since 2017, we have been reusing our outdoor signage.
- We no longer use disposable plastic cups or plastic straws.
- We have reduced the number of printed materials.

To improve waste management, MUTEK works with Echologique for waste collection and sorting, recycling, compost, and collection of refundable containers. In 2019, 43.53% of collected waste was recycled.

Back in 2011, MUTEK made a commitment to offset its greenhouse gas emissions, with help from the Planetair association. This allowed us to offset nearly 90 tonnes of CO2 in 2019; an increase of 162.91% compared to 2018.
Planetair is an initiative of the UNISFERA International Centre, a Canadian not-for-profit organization founded in 2002.

191022 Planetair certificat 2019

Even with the pandemic in 2020 we were able to offset 18 tonnes of CO2 with Planetair.

2020 Planetair certificat 2020 ENG

MUTEK supports the responsible and circular economy:
- Caterers using local and organic products
- Local printers to minimize transport
- Québec and Canadian manufacturers
- Locally-made drinks: Harricana microbrewery, Y Kombucha, Loop juice, etc.
- Partnerships with independent Montréal hotels and restaurants

In addition to these measures, MUTEK reduces year-on-year the number of printed materials used and opts for digital platforms wherever possible. We have created a new online platform, launched in July, to better meet our audience’s needs. Any materials we do print use recycled paper and natural, biodegradable ink.

Since 2017, MUTEK has been recognized by RECYC-QUÉBEC as a certified establishment under the ICI on recycle program, and since 2019, under the ICI on recycle + Level 2 program.

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Finally, MUTEK joined the Regroupement des festivals engagés in 2017. The committee, initiated by Tourisme Montréal, meets several times a year to discuss, exchange, and share ideas and experiences related to the sustainability of Montréal festivals and major events.